A Day Boarding / Full Boarding
Co-educational English
Medium CBSE School

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DIRECTOR's Message

Education is the most important learning in a man's life.

An educated man is never a failure. He has the confidence and courage to experiment and excel in life. He is self-motivated as he is learned and he is never threatened by challenges. Education enables you to aim for stars and create success stories. It is not always academics that define knowledge but development of your being is equally important.

You are the fore runners of this country and we wish to nurture the best in you. We ensure that you are given the right impetus to grow and the knowledge to face challenges of life. Our sole aim is to tap your potential and support you through your learning and academic years. Let the world be your canvas and strive to paint the brightest picture.

For us every child is special and the process of teaching is henceforth custom made to suit the needs. We reinvent our methodologies with time to deliver the best. Today, the school is equipped with all the latest technology for effective learning. Ample provisions and space are available for academic, co-curricular, sports& moral excellence. You must always remember successful man is always a meticulous blend of knowledge and values. Moral and ethical learning are the core of every achiever.

:- Er. Raghav Totla
(Data scientist,
Research scholar from various foreign university in USA, California etc.)